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[Random Thought] Forgive Your Imperfection

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February 14, 2017
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March 3, 2017

What is the toughest part of my personal life up to now?


To forgive my imperfect life from the bottom of my heart.

You know what, at the end 2013 I started to not envy to another "success" life. For many years, I was exhausted to compare my life to another one. It was because of my background.

Since I was teenager, I always compete to achieve something. People around me hung high-expectation in order to me became best person in their version. Foolishly, I tried to please them!

Yes, I was popular student in the school....
I was also national-teenage writer....
Last but not least, I was achieved student from elementary school until senior high school....

I have my own great parents who supported me as a spoilt child. Absolutely, as latest kid in my family, I never fought dramatically to achieve what I wanted in daily life. What a perfect life!

But, for me... the real life began when I was college student. Since that year, as if failure is my daily "meal". Once I was failed, I might be mad at my self. My heart always scream:

"How come Herry Fahrur Rizal could be failed...?!"

To be honest, failure was big NO in my life! Come on, for many years I always got what I want even though effortlestly! Where was my lucky... my miracle... my "angel" which made my dream comes true...?!

More than ten years flew. I grew up with many various experiences in overcoming the failure. Suddenly, I was intimate with failure. I treated a failure as a best friend. It turned into my own vitamin which made me keep hustling and grinding up to now....

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I was 31 years old in 2013.

I started to forgive my imperfect life. I stopped to blame another people. I leave to not compare my life to another. I believed in my own destiny. I trusted that Allah SWT taught me enormous life lesson. I am living based on my "Time Zone"....

To be honest, this post was inspired by image which taken from 9GAG Malaysia below:


So guys… my (real) life just began!

I don't care anymore when un-emphaty people asked several un-important question:

"Kok belum nikah juga padahal udah kepala tiga...?"
"Kapan sih suksesnya, kok perasaan gitu-gitu aja kerjaannya...?"
"Kapan dong bisa gendong anak kamu...?"

My heart whispered:
"Never again compare your first chapter with another tenth chapter!"

This post was also inspired by the quote below:



Image Source: 9GAG Malaysia, Instagram @untrnmr, and Pexels

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