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Monthly Book Review: February 2017 Period
March 3, 2017
Inilah Fakta-Fakta Seputar Akuisisi Yang Belum Terungkap Media
July 16, 2017

The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini


What is the meaning of life's freedom?

THE KITE RUNNER by Khaled Hosseini (Bloomsbury, 2011)

What is the meaning of freedom of life?

Beautifully crafted by Khaled Hosseini through his first book which tells the friendship story between Amir and Hassan (his father's young servant).

Personally, the book talks about how to fight for a freedom life.

Both Amir and Hassan are symbol of fighter the freedom of life with their capability.

"The Kite Runner" was a number one New York Times bestseller for over two years, with over seven million copies sold in the United States.

Absolutely I saw already the movie even though on Netflix.

A mindblowing read for your weekend!

GEN M: #GenerationMuslim by Yuswohady


Muslim community is huge market in the world!

GEN M: #GENERATIONMUSLIM by Yuswohady and the team (Bentang, 2017).

Who is the next huge future market not only in Indonesia but also in the world?

Based on the research by Inventure and SWA, the answer is: #GenM!

Who is the #GenM?

#GenM are Indonesia middle class muslim population who has unique and specific characters are religious, modern (knowledgeable, tech savvy, & global mindset), universal goodness (humanity & inclusive), and high buying power (consumption, investment, and giving).

#GenM are typically smart-and-value-oriented customers and high demanding customers because they not only need functional and emotional benefit, but also spiritual benefit from a product/service.

The writer calls them as "Hyper-value Consumers".

Don't you notice that legendary global brand such as Dolce & Gabbana... H&M... Uniqlo... Nike... recently launch their product line extension to attract the middle class muslim market?

Even The Boston Consulting Group predicts that the growth of Indonesia middle class population by 2020 will increase 62,8% from 267 million of total population.

So, the Indonesia middle class muslim population will reach 147 million people by 2020!

After reading this book, eventually I extremely realize that #GenM is the "creme de la creme" muslim market not only in Indonesia but also in the world!

Will you neglect the potential market of #GenM?

Read this book first to comprehend the strategy how to attract the #GenM market!

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Keep Calm You Are Only 30


A recommended light book for 30's

KEEP CALM YOU ARE ONLY 30 (Summersdale, 2011).

Are you 30 something years old?

Grab this book to know how the feeling as 30 something people!

There are nine chapters contain the various quotations about being 30's.

Some of my cup tea are...

"Age is a number and mine is unlisted." (Anonymous), page 53.

"I remember the day I turned 30... the way I saw it, I was never going to age; I'd just look up one day and be old." (Terry McMillan), page 146.

"Age is whatever you think it is. You are as old as you think you are." (Muhammad Ali), page 157.

A super light and thin book, even I just accomplished to read it less than two hours!

BAPER: Bawa Perubahan by Rhenald Kasali


Un-common book written by Rhenald Kasali

BAPER: Bawa Perubahan by Rhenald Kasali (Noura Books, 2016).

Formerly, I am not sure that the book is written by Om Rhenald Kasali!

Compared his previous books, the cover doesn't represent his book character at all!

As a Professor at a legendary and prestigious university in Indonesia, his previous books mostly very thick with serious cover, full of strategic management thoughts, and the book seems dedicated for Professionals, Entrepreneurs, and Academicians.

But "BAPER" book is completely different!

The bright book cover reminds me to #88lovelife by Diana Rikasari. The content layout reminds me to all of Om Rene Suhardono's books.

Yeah, the confent full of illustrations, colorful pictures, light advice, smart joke, and burst with his quotes.

There are 135 quotes and inspiring notes especially about the change for the youth.

Indeed, the book is special dedicated for the young generation.... :)


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