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A Dramatic Life of Vlogger

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The post is inspired by Agung Hapsah video below, especially the viewer’s comments.

Let’s take a look the video first:

I heart the way Agung Hapsah did this vlog experiment.

Well, this is truley DAILY vlog!

As a Vlogger too, I can feel that is challenging stuff! Apalagi ini nyari konten... ngamerain... dan ngedit sendirian!

That's why I collaborate with a friend of mine for editing. I just focus to my expertise to create creative content. Capek, Bro!

Can you imagine, my latest season 1 vlog at Eps.013 with Natali Ardianto needed more than 25 hours to upload!

Itu baru SATU (1) raw videonya, bukan aplot ke Yutup pemirsah! Dan episode itu ada 5 raw video! Just calculate! Maklum gue tinggal di Subang, bukan kotanya pula, yang kecepatan internetnya sangat melatih kesabaran tujuh turunan....

After uploading, suddenly the video was broken. The video duration formerly 25 minutes, but somehow shortened to become 20 minutes!

Makanya episode 13 yang sejauh ini terbanyak viewer-nya itu, ada beberapa adegan yang nggak bisa tayang, padahal konten-nya ketje!

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Belum lagi drama kalo video kita kena ban di beberapa negara kayak gue.

Syukurlah, target audience INSIDER khan emang orang lokal. Jadi nggak ngaruh sih kalo ada video yang kena ban di suatu negara di benua Eropa, misalnya.

Video hari ke-3 Agung ini aja baru kelar ngedit jam 2 malem! I will not do that! Well, fit is my life value. Sleeping enough is matter!

But, his experiment is kinda a market validation for his new upcoming signature content.

Agung selama ini khan dikenal yang bikin video pake prinsip "Quality Over Quantity", bukan sebaliknya.

So that, when he decided to vlog literally daily... I am curious about the quality.

IMHO, it is too early to judge his new content style. Kalo ada yang nggak "Agung-Hapsah-Banget" ya udah lah ya... namanya juga eksperimen!

I did it so many years ago. But, I decided to stick at startup theme content.

Btw, mo launch yang daily activity yang nggak ada kaitan sama startup, sih. Since I realize that my life is colorful and I am excited to share publicly! Just wait and see!

Yeah, definitely I fell in love his channel at the first sight. He is extremely talented teenager! He is still 17 years old!

But, never judge his experiment too early. Let him grow. No matter what happened. Lagian so far so I know that his experiment is only for one week. Episode ini baru hari ketiga, Cuy….

So, for those who wanna start to nge-vlog, prepare your mentality, ya!

Being a Vlogger is not a fancy thing. Forget the purpose to being "celebrity" (wannabe) on YouTube. That is just a side effect, not a main purpose.

Just be You-nique!


Image Source: Flickr.

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